UpWords Board Game (1988 edition)


Used Good Condition Board Game. 1988 Edition

Box slightly caved in on top.

A 3-Dimensional Word Game. Spell out, stack up and score high! Age 10 – adult, 2-4 players.

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Publisher: Milton Bradley
ISBN: 032244043123
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From the box –

The Word Game With That Extra Something!

UpWords isn’t an ordinary word game. It’s got that extra something. Most word games just allow you to build words across and down. But with UpWords you can build words in three directions: across, down and even upwards.

You can stack letters on top of letters already on the board and change words into different words. Score points for each letter in your word and extra points for every tile under each letter. Tiles can be stacked 5 high, so the scores really add up fast.

Score high, higher and highest with UpWords – the word game with something extra.

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