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Monero Circular Economy Pledge

monero circular economy pledge badge

A business that displays a Monero Circular Economy Pledge insignia on their website, product, or service listing is committed to building and strengthening the Monero self-sustaining economy.

  1. They pledge to only use the gross profits of their Monero sales to purchase other products or services with Monero.
  2. They pledge not to use exchanges to convert their Monero into a fiat currency.
  3. They pledge to seek out and transact with other MCEP businesses where possible.


Silver Coconut is happy to take the Monero circular economy pledge and to be a part of the Monero circular economy. We encourage people to use Monero as a payment option as we think it is the superior currency. Silver Coconut offers a discount for all orders that pay in Monero (XMR). We also encourage other small businesses to accept Monero for the goods and services that they offer.

To learn more about the Monero Circular Economy Pledge and to find the download files to display on your own business website after taking the pledge click on the image above.

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