Ruby Pocket Reference First Edition (2007)


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Small Pocket Size Reference Book for Ruby.
Very Good Condition, No writing or highlighting in book.

Author: Michael Fitzgerald

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Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596514816
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From the back cover:

Ruby is an easy language to learn, but in the heat of action you may forget the name of a method or the correct syntax for a conditional. This handy reference offers brief yet clear explanations of Ruby’s core components – from operators to reserved words, from data structures to method syntax – highlighting trhose key features that you’ll likely use every day when coding Ruby.

Organized to help you find what you need quickly. Ruby Pocket Reference will not only get you up[ to speed on how Ruby works, it will also provide you with a handy reference you can use anywhere, anytime.

Inside you’ll find essential information oh:

  • Reserved words, operators, comments, numbers, variables, ranges, and symbols
  • Predefined variables, global constants, pseudovariables, and more
  • Conditional statements, methods, classes, and modules (mixins)
  • Lists of methods from the Object, String, Array, and Hash classes, and the Kernel module
  • sprintf and time-formatting directives
  • Interactive Ruby (irb) and RubyGems
  • Ruby documentation (RDoc)

If you use Ruby daily and just want the facts – fast – this is the book for you.

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