Equate The Equation Thinking Game


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Equate “The Equation Thinking Game”.
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Education plus Recreation

  • Improve Thinking Skills
    • Practice Critical Thinking
    • Engage in Creative Reasoning
    • Practice Thinking Strategically
    • Utilize Spatial Reasoning
  • Develop Number Sense
    • Practice Mental Computation
    • Master Addition and Multiplication Facts
    • Learn Fractionn Concepts
  • Use Algebraic Reasoning
    • Learn the Correct Order to Perform the Operations +, -, ×, and ÷
    • Learn When the Order for Positioning Numbers about an Operation Maters
    • Utilize the Special Properties of the Numbers 0 and 1
    • Master Fraction Rules
    • Practice Forming and Maintaining True Equality Statements
    • Learn to Distinguish Between Expressions and Equations

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Publisher: Conceptual Math Media
ISBN: 616350010011
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