Hunting & Fishing Trivia Board Game


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Pre-owned Game in very good condition. All pieces included, box has some wear on the corners.

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Publisher: Mountainman Enterprises, Inc.
ISBN: 016463035701
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From the box-

Hunting & Fishing Trivia is a fun filled and educational trivia game designed to entertain and challenge individuals of all ages involved in outdoor sporting activities. It is intended to provide you, you family, and friends with hours of fun year round.
Continuing from the box –

Hunting and Fishing Trivia contains thousands of questions in five categories on SMALL GAME, LARGE GAME, FISHING, CAMPING, BOATING, GUNS, AMMO, TRAPPING, BOWS & ARROWS, SPORTING SAFETY, FIRST AID, and WILDLIFE PRESERVATION. Players are continually challenged by questions such as the following:

  • What do you call the small leaves and twigs needed to start a fire?
  • What’s a hunters most cherished possession while in the field?
  • What is a female elk called?
  • What big game animal evolved only in North America and is found in the wild nowhere else on earth?
  • What is a boats beam?
  • Which bass type, Smallmouth or Largemouth is the colder water fish?
  • When working up a wildcat load which is more important, the bullet’s drop at one hundred yards or how it groups?
  • Fishing rods separate at their what?
  • Name the tablet that can be added to water for purification.
  • What is the universal signal for choking?

As players proceed around the board they collect a colored token for each correct answer given at a category headquarter. Once they have collected all five colored tokens representing each category, players make their way to the center of the board and are challenged to answer a winning question chosen by the opponents.

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