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From the box –

In 1931, Alfred M. Butts was an unemployed architect. Out of a job, needing something to do, he decided to invent a game. His idea was to put the game on a board resembling a crossword puzzle so the words. Would have to link up with others already on board. Using the front page of the New York Times and counting the frequency of each letter, he determined the letter distribution and numerical values for the game. He called that game “Criss Cross.”

Shortly before the second world war, Mr. Butts and his associate, James Brunot, who originally manufactured and distributed the game, decided that the game needed a catchy new title – the name decided on was Scrabble, which suggested the ‘digging’ for letters that takes place in the game.

The rest is history. Inthe first year of operation, they sold 2,251 games. Today theme can be found in over 27% of the homes in America, with an estimated 33 million players and sales approaching 100 million games.

With this background, 54 years later, Alfred M. Butts strikes again with a game we hope you’ll enjoy as much as Alfred’s first game, SCRABBLE®.

This is “Alfreds Other Game” – it’s not a crossword game but a fast-paced, delightfully bright game of wits, with the intrigue of anagrams, the joy of jumbles, and the rewards of recycling unused letters.

Up to four players conduct a solitaire-like contest simultaneously, trying to achieve maximum scores.

Opportunities to score big abound…words of one color double your points, certain letters have premium values…use all the letters in one play and you get a ‘LULU’ of a bonus – and when you tire of the basic game (we doubt that!), it can be played in a “duplicate” mode.

We’re delighted to present Alfreds Other Game to you for your pleasure and entertainment and proud to add it to our great line of SCRABBLE® brand products.

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