Antique Globe Spherical 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


530 Piece 3D Spherical Puzzle Antique Globe.

Used Good Condition Puzzle, Box has some wear but puzzle is Complete, no missing pieces.

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Publisher: Buffalo Games Inc.
ISBN: 079346001538
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From the box:

A Shere?
It’s a sherical miracle! This unbelievable jigsaw puzzle uses traditional jigsaw puzzle pieces to create a sphere which requires no interior support. Each piece is designed to create a tiny section of the complete sphere. As the pieces are correctly placed, the puzzle defies gravity and incredibly curves skyward. It seemingly does the impossible! Theantique Gl;obe is a recreation of ancient marining charts, capturing the spirit of adventure of a time gone by.

No ordinary jigsaw, this puzzle assembles into a 9.5-inch globe with a surface image created from old mariner’s charts. To enable freestanding rigidity, the extra-thick cardboard pieces are designed to fit together a mite more snugly than typical puzzle pieces. There are two construction methods: tough (use the numbers and arrows on the back of each piece as a guide) and really, really tough (just use the map image on the front). The specially designed “trap door” at the north pole allows you to master the fiddly but oh-so-satisfying last piece. Cardboard base and full instructions are included. –Richard Farr

This 530 piece jigsaw puzzle assembles into a free standing sphere. Unique to 3D puzzles, these are made with traditional jigsaw pieces and require no internal support. Antique Globe – This beautiful example of ancient cartography shows the world of long ago. Incredibly detailed artwork shows just how much we knew of our Earth – and how much we didn’t. — Manufacture

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