Does Silver Coconut Accept Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin?

Yes, Silver Coconut accepts cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, We have gateways setup for a number of cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin we accept Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, USDC, Dai, and would probably accept others. It is just not possible to have gateways setup for every cryptocurrency, if you have something you would like to exchange that is not listed consider swapping it for Monero for the privacy features and relatively low fees, or Litecoin for the transaction speed and low fees and paying with either of those. Feel free to use any of the others also but they normally have higher fees/less privacy associated with them.

In order to pay with a crypto just shop and proceed to checkout as normal. From the checkout page select the option to pay with Bitcoin, Monero, or another Cryptocurrency, if paying with a crypto other than Bitcoin or Monero you will need to select from the drop-down the preferred crypto. After you select the cryptocurrency to pay with a wallet address will be shown for your payment and the exact amount to send, don’t forget to add any necessary fees. After making your payment please enter the transaction id.

Use the coupon code CRYPTO5 for an additional 5% off discount.  Silver Coconut accepts many different payment options see some of them above. If you would like to ask about using some other cryptocurrency you can always send us a message using the Contact Form.